Outdoor Fitness Center
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What are the outdoor fitness

Czym są siłownie zewnętrzne Outdoor Fitness

A set of fitness facilities and equipment to ensure a full range of recreational exercise on upper body, legs, increase strength, improve flexibility and circulation. Instruments for fitness exercises outdoors.

Outdoor Fitness Center is a line of steel, maintenance-free devices of fitness weatherproof and trying to destroy. They are made of thick steel tubing and designed to be safe and easy to install. Today, everyone is aware that physical fitness and sports lifestyle are important to improve health. By sedentary work and lack of exercise plague becomes a problem of obesity in both adults and children. It should give a boost to such persons and possibilities to change to a healthier lifestyle. Devices are used to exercise the whole body: legs, arms, abdomen and back. Are also divided into groups for strength training, improving coordination, improving blood circulation and massage. The collection was made in 2009 based on the following standards: PN EN 1176:2009

See certificate TUV confirming compliance with the standards.

ceryfikat TUV potwierdzający zgodność z normami

Advantages of outdoor gym:

1. Has a positive effect on health and the cardiovascular system.
2. Strengthens the physical condition and coordination.
3. Available for everyone (children and their parents, young people, older people, people with
disabilities and people with low incomes).
4. Improves mood.
5. Mute internally by the natural surroundings.
6. Facilitates the establishment and consolidation of contacts międzyludzkich. 7. With proper
selection of exercises works remedial.

Let's create together outdoor fitness park.  

Why Choose Outdoor Fitness Center: 

1 We are a Polish manufacturer therefore we can provide fast delivery, matching the color of the
customer's taste, fix the device in a short time in the case of destruction,
2 Gyms are made based on the latest standards EN-PN on playgrounds and sports facilities. When
changing standards tailored to them our equipment,
3 Devices are adapting to the practitioner, as the difficulty of the exercise depends on the weight of
the person exercising - the adult is therefore a greater burden, the child is smaller,
4 Units are made from very thick and durable steel profiles,
5 We give two years warranty,
6 We provide installation, warranty, post-warranty service, periodic inspections and maintenance.

Who installs outdoor gyms?

Towns and Villages
Parks Fitness enhance the attractiveness of the city's parks, public squares, beaches, playgrounds,
children's playgrounds and swimming pools. Now, physical activity can be accessible and close to
each inhabitant. Gyms in the open is a great solution to track health.

Sports equipment for schools and sports facilities
Our fitness equipment is an excellent and durable sports equipment for children junior high and
high schools, combining work and pleasure during breaks and free time. At the municipal sports
facilities can be a magnet for not only athletes, but also ordinary people who care about health and

Hotels, resorts, spas, camping
Outdoor Fitness is a great complement to offer wellness, creating the possibility of active rest and
rehabilitation. The gym will surprise customers.

Estates and residential complexes
Park Centre is a place of recreation and meeting place for the adult population. The perfect
complement to offer playgrounds for children.

Hospitals, private clinics
Active rehabilitation in the fresh air also for people with disabilities. Playgrounds for retirees.

Stations and roadside parking
Active relaxation at a standstill great stimulates and relaxes the driver and passengers. Additionally,
it is maintenance-free variety to offer recreation and distinction from other similar sites.