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Company history

We are a Polish manufacturer of outdoor fitness. The company Starmax Outdoor Fitness Center was
established to facilitate universal access to recreational facilities. We want everyone to through
physical activity could take care of your body.

The benefits of a more active lifestyle and a balanced diet are well known and are the key to good
health, more efficient operation and a pleasant life. Many people do not benefit from any regular
sports activities for economic reasons, lack of time or difficult to access sports facilities.
Additionally, a growing problem is obesity and cardiovascular disease. There are many places
where there is no possibility that people could improve their condition.

Now, outdoor fitness may be available for everyone, in almost every place and in addition for free.
Our goal is for everyone to take care of your body and feel by the way shopping trips, playground
with your child, for a walk in the park or other available space. As the first in Poland we offer
outdoor gyms and exercise equipment external. Open a new trend in Polish fitness bringing physical
activity into the fresh air. Outside the gym is a combination of movement and pleasure at being in
nature and among other people.

Exercises on external gyms are very easy can use them each, including novices, seniors, children
and even people with disabilities. The devices are safe, durable and resistant to adverse weather
conditions. A well-chosen set of devices creates an attractive fitness park - happy to advise you how
to design your children's exercise.