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Outdoor Fitness - a conscious choice

Increasingly in the Park or on the estate we can find on exercise equipment for adults and older
- outdoor gyms. Fashion for the creation of this type places adopted in our country. Devices are
particularly popular among seniors who are whole groups line up in queues from morning to
practice. They do not mind the weather or time of year. A great advantage of such sites is that they
are completely free for users. For devices can practice virtually every part of muscle and in addition
, they can practice in fresh air.

Suppliers at this time are full of ideas on how to get the client and just promote your product.
Unfortunately, in this place often on the second plan moves away what is most important, that the
above-mentioned users. The place was created for them and they are there to feel well and safely.

At first glance, all the devices look very similar, especially for the first time buyer. Nothing could
be further from the truth. Upon closer analysis, I show that some products may pose a risk for
exercisers. Suppliers seem to forget about the quality of clogging up the market a huge amount of
cheap, imported equipment.

Deciding to buy should pay particular attention to the design of the instrument. It often turns out
that the devices are simply dangerous:
there is a risk of deadlock, inclination of some devices are too large, localization on the foundation
protruding above the surface of the earth often leaves much to be desired.

At this point a huge role attend a investors who should pay particular attention to what product they
want to purchase and require equipment with a certificate of conformity with PN-EN 1176-1:2009,
issued by the accreditation PCA (Polish Centre for Accreditation).

Require the supplier to meet all the important requirements you have made in the order. You buy a
better product.

Judgment KIO / PPO 297/10 of 30 March 2010
"Indication of the requirement of the order difficult, even impossible to meet by the contractor, does
not in itself constitute a sufficient basis to conclude that the object of the contract violates the
principles of fair competition and equal treatment of operators. Purchaser shall have the right to
determine the object of the contract in such a way as to obtain the desired effect, because the
legislature left the contracting authority to defining the characteristics of the order in a way that
protects the interests of his objectified. "

Let us learn, therefore, of the opportunities and choices consciously Polish products from suppliers
to ensure availability of spare parts and service for many years.

Paul Bogusz
CEO Starmax

Outdoor gym - "playground for seniors"

The first outdoor gym we set in June 2009. Since then we have created over 400 similar sites
installed by our company. During all this time getting to know the needs of users and authorities.
We accumulating valuable experience, which we would like to share with you today.

By building each new outdoor gym we reinforce our belief that such places are really needed. One
small square hundreds of satisfied customers.

By creating an external fitness park must first of all remember to choose the right place. It is best if
it is a well-known place where the local community likes to spend his free time in the fresh air.
Placing the gym there immediately increases the attractiveness of the area and gives great
satisfaction as contented residents.

Once we have a suitable place is good to take care of a diverse selection of equipment. The square
should be a device with a low degree of difficulty exercising but also those that will meet the needs
of more demanding.

It is very important to take care of finishing the entire site, or at least the surface of the same
devices. The main point is to prevent the formation of cavities, in which as a result will cover water
and create mud obstructing the free use of the facilities.

At the end we take care of additional infrastructure in the form of litter bins, benches or even
bicycle racks.

But most important of all is to remember about choosing secure devices certified compliance with
PN-EN 1176 1:2009. This part of the speech goes first to the authorities and future administrators:
remember that these devices are also using by children. Together, let's take care of it to become
friendly and safe for them.