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Service and Maintenance

Annual maintenance, spare parts, components, stainless steel, new information stickers, paint

We offer full service facilities, even after the warranty period. We guarantee the availability of spare
parts and full support when performing unauthorized repairs and maintenance.

What should we remember?:

Full safety equipment can be maintained only by regular checks concerns on the damage and
exhaustion. Equipment should be checked regularly for safety and functionality.

1. Weekly checks "by inspection":

a. Check the cleanliness of equipment (washing with a damp cloth)
b. Visual inspection for completeness of all elements (whether there has been theft or vandalism)
and labeling
c. Checking the correct operation of the equipment, in particular moving parts (if necessary
d. Check caps and bolts (if necessary, tighten or replace), joint welds.
e. Check the level (30 cm from the foundation) and surface cleanliness

2. Monthly checks functional:

a. Stability control equipment and attachment to the ground (if necessary tighten the screws, or
improve the substrate covering the foundation),
b. Control of moving parts, plastic and rubber stoppers braking (replace if necessary)
c. Checking completeness and consumption devices
d. Control coatings and corrosion (if necessary place clean and paint over)
e. The location of additional equipment or is in the area of security zones.
f. Control device designations and regulations.

3. We recommend annual inspections by a representative Outdoor Fitness Center. They will
be carried out by qualified personnel, and by using the right tools and the attached forms.

As part of the annual review of the service we offer :

1. Stability control equipment and attachment to the ground.
2. Control of moving parts, plastic and rubber stoppers inhibition.
3. The completeness and consumption devices.
4. Control coatings and corrosion.
5. Control signs and devices regulations.
6. Replacement of components subject to warranty.