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Proponujemy Państwu kila przykładowych zestawów urządzeń. Każdy z nich powstał z myślą o potrzebach określonych grup użytkowników. Poza tym chętnie doradzimy jak wyposażyć Państwa siłownię na świeżym powietrzu w dowolnej konfiguracji.


Zestaw full

Full set of the full range of devices with our offer. A total of 14 positions to exercise along with an information panel. Recommended especially for parks, urban squares and all places where it resides a large number of people. Assembling a full package of equipment will avoid queues for equipment.


Zestaw mini

The offer dedicated to the less crowded location. In addition, a big advantage is the low financial outlay required to create the outdoor gym in this option. Mini sets find use in neighborhoods, at the playground and even on private estates.

For seniors

Zestaw dla seniora

Set for seniors as the name suggests is designed for the elderly. Devices are selected that they are not caused problems while exercising. These are positions where little effort, you can enable virtually all of the muscle. A few minutes a day on each instrument will enjoy good health for a long time.

For people with disabilities

Series devices for persons with disabilities. The devices are very simple structure and allow you to perform exercises even for people in wheelchairs. Set for Disabled certainly check in nursing homes, senior houses, etc. Places.

Small architecture

Deciding to build the outdoor fitness is worth remembering the additional infrastructure. To provide users optimal conditions, we can not forget about the elements of street furniture such as benches and litter bins.

To meet your needs, we offer a comprehensive gym equipment.

Designing recreational space

With pleasure we will help to plan the construction of your outdoor fitness.

  • We will help you prepare for visualization
  • We will help you prepare a draft
  • We will advise you in the selection of equipment
  • We will help you use the space

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